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What does it mean to be human?

What does it mean to be human?

Have we misunderstood or forgotten the truth?

‘What on earth are you talking about Inga?’ I can hear you say…

If I were to ask you the question…’what does being human mean to you?

What would you say?

Just stop for a moment…close your eyes if you will, and ask yourself this question, you may even like to write your answer/answers down and review them at the end of this blog.

I used to think that being human meant that I had to behave in a certain way…and honestly, I was never very good at that…I thought it meant that I had to speak in a certain way, use certain words, dress in a particular way and do what other humans did.

As I said before, I was never terribly good at any of that…being naturally rebellious, I would stick it for a while and when I became bored, or things weren’t working out, I would simply re-invent myself and change all of the above behaviours to fit in with my new ‘persona’.

I use the word ‘persona’ ,which comes from ancient Greek, to mean ‘mask’….so ‘Person’ which is of course our adaption of this word actually means ‘mask’, or in other words, different from the person, who is beneath the mask.

I realised the other day, that I have changed my ‘mask’ so many times in my life, that when I began this journey to truly understand who I am…I didn’t have a clue where to start, because I had NO idea, of who ‘I’ was.

At the time, I felt terrified. I thought that I had totally failed as human being, because I actually had no idea of who I was and therefore nowhere to place my feet. I was swimming in pools of water that had no bottom, no sides and no end, because they were simply created personas, that I had now out grown.

I couldn’t go back to them, so where could I go from here?

Well, in many ways, what I then began to see, was that rather than a failing, this was a blessing, that would allow me to truly see myself.

I understood that by not having attachments to a single identity, that it was much easier for me to discard all identities and actually admit, accept and stand up, to say who I truly am.

This was not easy, I admit. There was a reason that I had used masks my whole life, because I was scared of who I really was.

There were many of these reasons, but the strongest was that I didn’t trust myself.

My true nature had always been criticized, belittled and a lot of people, over many years had tried all sorts of means, both physical and mental, to beat it out of me.

When I suddenly opened my eyes and saw, that none had succeeded, because the truth cannot be destroyed, then I began to realise the power that I hold within me.

Through shamanic healing I found my inner healer.

Finally, after many internal battles and dark nights of the soul, I stood with my head held high and accepted with great gratitude, my place in this world.

There are still moments, although less and less, when I allow myself to forget this and there are still days, when I am tired and just want to pull a mask on…but they are less and less and fewer and fewer, as being me becomes more and more normal and I see the great joy, that being me, brings me. I find that speaking my truth, living my truth and loving my truth give me a joy I had come to believe was reserved only for others.

So, today, please, stand tall, speak your truth and know that you too are magical. Connect with your truth and find Your inner healer.

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It's difficult to imagine anyone having anything but admiration for you, Inga. Your spirit, courage and staying power have enabled you to survive all the trials and tribulations with humour and wisdom. Chapeau! as they say in French. Tanto di cappello in Italian? xxx

Replying to

Dearest Lizzy,

Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and for your support. Your words are motivational and I thank you so much! Grazie mille😍 XXX

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