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The world is not falling apart it is evolving

As I write this in England in 2024 we are in the throes  of what appears to be yet another crisis. Since 2020 there have been many of them, or so it appears to the naked eye.

The Hopi, one of the tribes of the native American people, had predicted 2020 and called it 'the great cleansing', or 'the great reset'.

Since 2020 and the changes that happened in our world, we have begun to see institutions that were previously stable and part of society as we knew it, start to destabilise and in some cases crumble.

For most people the world looks like a very scary place right now….but not to me.

This is why I am writing this. To show you what is happening as  I see it as a shaman.

Shamans don’t see the world as 3 dimensional, with things and places and lots of matter, we see the world as energy.

We see the  world as a living breathing creation with lots of living breathing parts to it…in other words, everything has life within it….even a stone.

So our experience of the world is not one that is restricted to what we see through our two front eyes and what we are told through our ears, but rather what we know through our senses and through our dialogues with ‘the everything’.

Our dialogues are not restricted by time and therefore we are given guidance from what we normally call the past and what we call the future.

What I see is that we are moving into 'the new world'.

This is happening faster and faster now and it is for this reason that everything feels so unstable and at times, terrifying .

This is simply a by product of the shifts that are happening.

There is a reset happening and we are all feeling it.

We may not be aware that it is this that we are feeling, but most of us, if we look at our lives, can find considerable discord or difficulty in one area or another.

When we look at the world, we can see the same discord and difficulty.

So, what should we do?

Anything we ‘do’ now, will only lead to more discord, because what is required of each and every one of us right now, is to wake up and to stop ‘doing’.

What I mean by this is that we are no longer able to live the lives we had been living…they fit like squares into round holes, we can feel it and it’s uncomfortable.

‘Doing’ is a product of a brain that is steeped in survival fear. It is the brain that keeps us living from a place of depression,  worry, scarcity, lack and fear of others and for our lives. It is what I call, the Darwinian brain, where all that matters…is matter.

We need now to use the Einstein brain. The brain that remembers that everything is energy and begins to see the world as energy, not as matter.

As we develop our Einstein brain, we begin to ‘remember, or wake up’.

We are all being called now to wake up, to remember…

Waking up means remembering that we are souls who have come into human bodies to have the human experience.

Waking up means that we remember that we all come from one source.

This means that everything we have experienced must now be turned into our super powers, because the world needs super heroes and you are one of them.

Every trauma has a super power.

We are super people…each and everyone of us, but in order to experience this, we must take responsibility for our power, which is very scary, but we can all do it!

By remembering who we are, we remember who everyone else is and we no longer blame, or judge, or hate, or fear others because we see ourselves in them.

As we awaken and see the energy of love in ourselves and in the eyes of everyone else that we meet, we become part of the new world and all fear drops away.

We cannot bring fear into the new world, it is not a vibration that is compatible.

Let's all know, that behind every trauma is a super power, and behind every human body is a soul.

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