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The Wild Women

The female journey is one of cycles.

As early as the fifth century the demonisation of the feminine had already begun taking its first baby steps towards the inconceivable duality of the feminine and masculine which we find in today’s societies, with the latter dominating for over two thousand years.

This took hold as a cleverly contrived and targeted program of assault against the feminine energy, based upon fear and superstition, not unlike the strategies used to alienate other groups of people throughout history.

This carefully constructed and drip-fed propaganda and demonisation have allowed, again and again, unspeakable horrors to be meted out in the name of belief or doctrine.

The female plight, is a direct result of this cultural programming that we have all undergone.

One cannot lay blame at the door of men, nor at the door of organised religion, as this would be to continue the cycle of duality within which we have been living all these years.

Instead, we must understand that we are each responsible for our own reality, as we are each the creator of our own reality.

This is also true as a collective feminine. At some point we collectively decided that the appeal of having someone ‘look after us’, was greater than the freedom of our own gender.

It is because of this, that the collective feminine created a reality whereby the masculine energy could dominate and dominate it has!

Once we understand that we cannot lay the blame for this at the door of anyone, but ourselves, we are then empowered (not victims to the control of an outside force) and therefore able to choose a different reality.

The issues that modern women live with are not simply medical conditions, or hormonal imbalances or stress related…they are in fact a culmination of all of the heavy energy that women have absorbed over the last two thousand years…and in some cases, longer.

Einstein stated "Energy cannot be destroyed"…

So, what has happened to all the energy of pain, suffering and disempowerment that women have experienced?

It is still here and it is present in every human being on this planet…but it is felt more by those of us who have come to skin (in-carnated) as women in this lifetime.

The hormonal problems that nearly every woman suffers with, the anxiety, the depression, the pre-menstrual and menopausal issues are all a result of this energy coming up to be healed….and the healing time is now!

I am so thrilled to have met Joney, who runs the Wild Women Tea Club…as she is at the forefront of the awakening of the feminine energy that is finally choosing a different reality!

Through her unbending intent to help women improve their lives by using the gifts that nature has bestowed upon us, she is opening the door for all of us to discuss things previously hidden.

She is offering simple, natural, ancient solutions to modern problems through her herbal teas and tinctures.

Joney began her journey with a small market stall in Bristol, which then grew to an award -winning tea shop.

Seeing the power of tea, not only to heal, but to forge community through the ritual of 'taking tea'…the light bulb went on and the Wild Women Tea Club was born!

Women have lost touch with their true essence, seeing themselves through the binoculars of a masculine world…..creating belief systems of victimisation, of disempowerment and as a result, there is often total disconnection from their inner power.

Through these magical herbs, women can begin to reconnect to their inner worlds, the world of their wombs. They can then begin the incredible journey of healing the feminine energy, not just of their own bodies, but of all women and all men.

As every man contains both masculine and feminine energy…they too will heal from the damage that the duality of these two thousand years has caused.

They too have been disconnected from the nurturing, loving arms of the divine feminine.

We are all energy…energy from one source.

Heal yourself…and you heal the world.

For more information on these magical brews….

All the love


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