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The belief factor - Shamanic healing

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Belief...Do you hold a certain belief to be true? Are you even aware what 'you know'....I know that I wasn't.

In fact it took me seventeen years to unveil what was actually running my life....and it wasn't me!

What was actually running my life, was the 'knowledge' that there was something wrong with me.

I say 'know and not 'believe', because what you believe can be subject to change, but what you know can be changed only if you acknowledge it and then re-wire it in the brain!

I know that I have green eyes, I know that I have brown hair, I know this because I can see this, but more importantly I know this, because other people have re-affirmed this on a regular basis my whole life.

From about the age of about five, I 'knew' that there was something wrong with me, because other people told me, there was something wrong with me. They gave me examples, showed me proof, used documents and clever language to show me that I was not 'right'...that I was defective.....not 'normal'.

So, I believed this and finally I came to 'know' this.

In the same way that I don't think about my eyes being green and my hair being brown, nor did I think anymore about me being defective.....I simply accepted it as truth.

This 'knowledge' then affected every choice, every decision, every thought that guided my life's journey...Only I had no idea that this was going on!

I was under the very mistaken impression that I was making my decisions, making my choices, having my thoughts, based on what I considered to be a process that was guided by my intellect or heart.

It was quite a shock indeed to discover, forty one years later, that in fact every thing I had ever done, had been based upon a 'knowledge' that told me that I was immeasurably flawed!

After the shock had subsided....a most strange thing happened, as I began to see myself from outside were as if I were outside looking in, at me.

I realised that I am not flawed, that I am not defective, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and that I am you are too!

We are all perfect....

As Chris Duncan says" You are not broken".

There is no such thing as a broken human being.

There are simply human beings whose belief systems have been justified so many times, that they have become actual 'knowledge' that run their lives, without them even being aware of them!

So, how can we fix this, without waiting 45 years for the light bulb to come on and seventeen years to see it?

We can fix this by sitting with our truth, by listening to what we maybe don't want to hear, to seeing what we would rather not look at...and how do we do this?

Well, the first step is iphone, no Netflix, no chatter.....just me, myself and I.

Start with a couple of minutes and see what happens...and as you become more used to this sensation, build up to ten or twenty minutes.

Meditation is another way to begin to hear your inner voice and see with your inner eye.

Being with ourselves is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to speak and never be heard, to exist and never be seen?

This is how our inner healer feels when we do not hear and we do not see what is going on inside of us.

Once you can hear a little and see a little....ask yourself this question.....What do I 'know' about myself?

Not, what do I believe...because this is different.....but what do I know....and see what you hear and see.

Remember that your inner world may not communicate in words that you may see images, hear names, be struck by a memory, have a realisation about something, you may see symbols or even just have a sense of knowing.

What ever happens, is perfect, for you,

because you are perfect and you are you.

All the love


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