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My journey to Soul reunification.

Never before in the history of the human race, as far as we know, have we lived through such extraordinary times.

There is a shift that is underpinning every day, every minute and every moment of our lives.

This is not something that can be directly seen or even tangibly experienced…but it is happening all the same.

Some of you may have begun to feel that the world is falling apart and others of you may have begun to feel that you, yourselves are falling apart…and you are not wrong…because that is exactly what is happening, but…it is not as it ‘seems’.

In fact, nothing is ever as it ‘seems’…

This is the time when it is not only the visionary that can see and experience this truth.

This is the time, when every human being will begin to experience the shift…and every human being will begin to see that nothing is as it ‘seems’.

For some, this will be unbearable…but no change is ever without pain.

Fear has dominated our world for thousands of years, but it wasn’t always like this.

My most recent shamanic journey was something that I could never have imagined, when I embarked upon, what appeared to be a simple meditation, sitting in my garden on a hot July day….but…It couldn’t have been anything further from simple.

I was given the most extraordinary healing modality, first for myself and then to use for others.

It began like this:

I suddenly became aware that my soul was not part of me…that it resided more out of me than inside of me…and after all the internal work that I have done, that was quite a shock, but the terrain of my body, was not suitable for my soul.

At first, I sensed the pull in my chest and realised that it is here, in my heart centre that my soul would reside.

I dropped deeply into this area of my body and immediately became aware of the swirling greens and patterns that often accompany my deep meditations. This was my heart chakra energy.

I took the hands of my soul in mine and asked what I had to do to integrate her back into my body….the answer was simple…”Open your heart”.

So, I began the process, which would last nearly an hour of centring in on my heart centre and allowing the opening to take place.

At first I experienced immediate electric shocks in my head and on the left side of my body, but then my mind chatter began and I lost the connection. It then became so hard to relax and allow the work to happen…my fear began to build…but with all the years of training. I recognised this and finally surrendered to the fear and to my heart…and gradually I felt the shift.

It was the most extraordinary experience…it was not as I had imagined it would be…it was subtle and yet perfect and so peaceful. I didn’t want to move ever again from this place. I realised that my hands were still in front of me as if I were holding onto the hands of another.

I began to realise that I could never normally hold my arms and hands in this position for so long, without some form of support and then I felt the hands of my soul, holding mine up……and I knew that it was happening.

My arms and hands remained in that position for an hour…with no pain or desire to move them at all!

Once my heart centre had opened, I invited my soul to come back…and then it was then that it began.

I felt my soul enter my body and my whole sense of where I was and who I was began to disappear, I felt like I was spinning in outer space. My sense of my physical body began to disappear and then the healing began.

I have done so much work on myself over the years…because only in a state of purification can I become a channel for the healing energies of others, allowing them to heal themselves through the guidance their higher self, imparts onto me.

I realised that it was only now, after all this work, that my soul was ready and willing to fully come back.

I then saw that my soul had come home to heal…..that this is the time in the human race, for all souls to heal…..

Our souls are eternal and have lived many, many , many lives…..they have been with us since the dawn of time and have experienced the suffering not only of our past lives…but of our ancestors too.

Suddenly I began to sense past lives and ancestral lines…nothing that I could see vividly, more a sense of what they had experienced, passing at great speed as each and every moment came up for healing and was healed.

This went on for some time, until the sensations stopped, leaving only colour and energy and I realised that we were travelling.

And then…..

It was the beginning.

When I say the beginning…I mean the beginning of life as we know it…and I was there.

I could see and feel and was part of the beginning of life.

I know enough about quantum physics to know that we are all energy and that energy cannot be destroyed, only changed and therefore on a cognitive level I understand that you and I were part / are part of everything. I know theoretically, that we are all part of the universe and that we were all there from the word go.

The difference was, that this was not something happening in my rational brain.

This was me right at the centre of everything!

I began to see and to truly understand…I was shown that all my worries and fears are so ridiculous, when seen within the landscape of reality!

I was shown how silly they looked compared to the fantasticness of the universe and everything that is, was and always will be!

I have no words…to truly use.

And then there was the vision…two people ( Adam and Eve perhaps???? Who knows) and the lushest greenery that could ever be imagined.

They were a little way off, so I could see only form, but the sensation of how they felt came coursing through my body and it was HEAVEN!

I knew in that instant that this was how the first humans had lived.

The sense of peace, love and joy was overwhelming…the temperature was to perfection, I could not believe it could ever be any different. But what struck me most…was that there was NO fear.

I could write and write and write about this journey…because although it only lasted an hour in our linear time, it spanned eons of time in my existence.

I know that I must stop and let you get back to the orders of the day, but before I go, please allow me to leave with you this knowledge that I have brought back from the beginning of time.

We do not need to fear, it is not necessary for our existence.

We do not need fear in our lives anymore….Historians will have you believe it served a purpose in our development as a species, but I am no longer so sure.

Fear may keep you alive in this transient and mortal body, but it damages your soul. The part of you that lives forever.

Ponder, meditate and consider all you have read….for the world is changing and you are changing too.

Perhaps it is time to really and I mean REALLY notice your fear.

Sit with you fear…and then…when you are ready to open your heart, to surrender your fear and to bring your soul back home.

All the love


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