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Heal the world with light - distance healing

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

There is a lot talk nowadays about saving the planet and healing the world....they are the words on everyone's lips as we battle to keep our planet safe from the destruction that we humans have for so long brought to our beautiful mother earth.

However, saving our planet by recycling and reducing waste, carbon, plastic and fossil fuels, as well as saving endangered species, working to ensure equality and ethical rights for all is not the only way to do this.

One of the saddest things about modern, western society is the lack of responsibility that we have for our lives.

We are taught that we must seek a teacher for knowledge, a doctor to heal, a psychologist to stay sane, a politician to guide us and a hero for protection...

What if I told you that you that by giving away our responsibility to others, we never learn what we ourselves are capable of.....

We never dig beneath the layer of identity that we are given as we grow, to know our true identity and power and as a result we never learn to take responsibility, not only for ourselves, but for every other existence on this planet.

How would that feel? Terrifying? Overwhelming?

Or might it just be that this is our natural state and that by taking responsibility we actually stop feeling terrified, we stop feeling overwhelmed and we begin to feel empowered?

Could this mean that instead of believing that governments and multi-nationals are to blame for the crisis that we are faced with everyday...that we play our individual part in everything that happens and as a result, we can affect absolutely everything that happens too?

A far out idea?

Not really, when we consider that we are the creators of our own reality, that my reality will never look like yours, because it is seen through my eyes...there may be similarities, true, but it will never be the same.

Not really, when we consider that everything is simply energy....there is nothing else. Only energy.

It simply manifests and vibrates in different ways and at different frequencies, giving the illusion of solids and matter.

Energy can never be can only change form....this is according to Einstein....the father of modern science.

Therefore how and what we project out into the world will affect that which it is projected onto and into....and there is of course no time or space where energy is by this token you can affect something happening a million miles away, through your energetic patterns..

.Exciting? I'd say so!

So, why not offer love to the world and everyone and everything in it, everyday of your life as soon as you wake up from your never might just change the world!

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