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CHANGE your life using the quantum field.

There is a lot of chatter nowadays about the quantum field, also called, the bio-field, the field and many other names, but what does this mean to you?

The ancient peoples knew that we were surrounded by an energetic field and that from this field comes everything and to this field, goes everything.

They may have had different names for it and they may have practised , what may seem to us, strange rituals to connect with it, but the fact remains that the field has been known about since the beginning of time and now science can prove it!

Einstein and a few other scientists changed everything at the beginning of the twentieth century, by their discovery of quantum physics….this branch of science is still a baby compared with the well- known, mechanical and easier to understand Newtonian physics that we all learn in school, so science still has much to understand about this phenomena.

Our ancestors however, knew about this and practised connection with the field in their daily lives.

The shamans in the ancient societies used the field to connect with information that was not readily available in this realm.

They connected to the inner wisdom that is present within all of us and that is around us too.

This wisdom is the all knowing and the all possible.

Have you heard of the law of attraction? Essentially it is this.

By learning to connect to your own personal wisdom and to the greater wisdom of all that is, all that has ever been and all that will ever be, you can create the life that you are here to live.

There is no linear time within the quantum field, difficult to comprehend I know…but wonderful too, as this means that the past can be affected now…mind bending…yes…but also very exciting!

Don’t worry if none of this makes sense…or if it all sounds really far out…you are in good company…

As the great Greek philosopher Socrates famously said

” The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”.

Well, this rather runs against the entire Western education system, which teaches us we must know lots of things about lots of things!

The truth is…that we don’t know how to grow our hair, beat our heart, breathe our lungs…We don’t know how to shine the sun, wave the seas, rise the dawn… in fact, when looked at like this…we really do know nothing.

So, who or what does all of these things?

The ancient Hermetic teachings tell us that “ The all is mind- The universe is mental “– The Kyballion

This means that we create our reality through our thoughts.

Most people think the same thoughts over and over again…therefore, creating the same reality.

Remember that your thoughts...unless consciously thought, are simply a response to your conditioning, your family, your culture, your past experiences etc….they are creating your world…and yet, you probably aren’t even aware of your thoughts…they are like a computer program running in the background…doing the same thing, day in, day out…

So, if you would like to change something in your life…First of all, you must become aware of your thoughts about it.

Then you must actively decide that you wish to change it…next, you must make the very great effort to notice your thoughts, every time they happen…and please know, that your mind will be sneaky…so you need to be SUPER aware!

Let’s say you want to give up drinking coffee, first you must notice what happens when you think about coffee, what emotions you experience and what thoughts and beliefs you have…like.... “ I can’t live without coffee”.

Next you have to decide that you are not going to drink coffee…and then you have to wait…as your mind and your body…not liking change, as it is seen as dangerous, will do everything in their power to convince you that you need a cup of coffee!

Stay strong and sit with the feelings and thoughts that come up…and then ask yourself… “what is the truth behind my thought?” Why do I really believe I need coffee…you might be surprised by the answer…as it may be…”Well my mother always said she needed a cup of coffee” ( familial conditioning). Or it could be” I don’t believe I am capable of anything, therefore I must rely on some form of stimulus” ( unconscious trauma belief). Or it may be” everyone drinks coffee, it can’t be that bad” (social conditioning ).

Once you have established this, then it is time to sit quietly, close your eyes, notice the space that your body takes up in the room that you are in and begin to become aware of the field of energy that surrounds you…..notice how it permeates your being…and finally how you are part of the field of energy and that you too are simply energy.

You can do this as a meditation, or by choosing a relaxing sound track from the internet to help you relax and to sense inwards.

Connect with the feeling of immense gratitude for being matter what your life looks like or has looked like...feel gratitude for the immensity of life itself. This will heighten your e-motions and bring you to a higher vibrational state.....which is where we create.

Now, you are ready to choose a new reality….lift your hand up and imagine choosing from the field, to be a person who does not drink coffee. Send the conditioned belief that you had around coffee, back into the field and take your new belief about coffee back into this reality.

Do this by placing your hands over your heart and smiling, choosing that the new belief is now part of your new life, instead of the old belief.

Do this over and over again to create new neural pathways in your brain, that your brain and body then accept as the ‘norm’. Be kind to yourself and allow this process to unfold in its own time.

Then welcome yourself to your new reality!

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