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'Back to the future', without the DeLorean......

If you are a child of the seventies or earlier, you will remember the excitement and buzz that were created by the 'Back to the future' movies with Michael J fox.

These films were unprecedented works of an imagination that captured the magical possibilities of time travel...but of course, we all knew that time travel wasn't possible ....

Or did we?

In the eighties when the first movie hit the big screen, I was 10 years old and still believed in the Tooth fairy, Father Christmas and regularly conversed with my imaginary friends.

As a result of my child's imagination, time travel, was just part of an array of weird and wonderful things that adorned my everyday life, but I never thought that I too would one day, travel through time.

That was until I discovered shamanism and suddenly..... everything became possible.

I have always had a very active imagination, so the jump wasn't too far, but it was still a shock and I have to admit, a little scary.

My first experience of time travel was in 2014.

I had unearthed a deeply rooted trauma, that I had been protected from knowing until I was in a place in my life where I was strong enough and safe enough to be able to' know ' it.

I was glad of the realisation, because it felt good to 'know', but I honestly had no idea how to deal with it.

Well meaning friends told me I would need years of therapy and that even then, I would never get over it and as grateful as I was for their love and support, something told me that this was not the whole story.

I contacted my dear friend Shaman Keith, who would years later train me in the shamanic healing arts, and he told me that I had to do a journey.

This was no ordinary journey...this was in fact a journey back to the event itself...Wow, that felt really scary, but, he assured me, it was the only way.

I prepared the room as instructed. I burnt incense, cleared the space with sage and lighting candles, I lay myself down on the sofa for the work to begin.

I carefully met with my guide, I only had one at that time, and began my descent into the trance, through the steady beat of a pre-recorded drum.

Almost instantly I found myself back at the beginning of the scene.

Keith had instructed me, that I was to replay the entire event, until the trauma was about to occur and then I would have available to me, any magical tool, that I could possibly need.

I didn't really understand this, but I trusted Keith completely and I knew of no other possible way to deal with what I had experienced.

The scene ensued and I found myself physically there, once more. Everything happened exactly as it had, until the moment of the trauma arrived.

It was here that the magic happened...and it was magic, that it the only word that I have to describe it.

I found that I had long, almost tentacle arms, they were golden, and they stretched in directions that normal arms could not. Using my tentacle arms and the strength of my intention, I was able to prevent the event from taking took strength and commitment....but finally, it just didn't happen.

Then the strangest thing happened. The other person involved, looked so relieved...I could see that they had not wanted to hurt me and that it had been a form of soul contract that had existed between us.

I had suddenly freed both myself and the other person from this karmic debt.

The scene continued to unfold, until the other person was ready to take their leave...and from my mouth, tumbled the words...

"Thank you my teacher".

I had no idea why I was saying this, but these were my words.

The drum beat slowed and it was time to thank my guide and return to the sofa where I lay.

I opened my eyes, picked up the phone, dialled Keith's number and said " I have changed the past from the future".

In the days that followed the work embedded more and more and I began to realise that the trauma was gone...not because the incident had not happened , but rather because I had been given the gift of sight, to see the truth behind that moment in time.

My DeLorean was my mind, my Doc was Keith... and so nearly 30 years after I had first discovered time travel....I had finally learnt how to do it.

If you would like to experience the power of the shamanic journey and the powerful healing of time travel, then please get in touch to book a free consultation....

" If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything" George McFly -Back to the Future.

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